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How the Party Did

There are now four Green MPs! Not only that, but we also came second in 40 constituencies and, at just under 2 million votes, achieved our largest ever number of votes and doubled our 2019 vote share to nearly 7%.

The Electoral Reform Society have predicted that based on the result, the Greens could have had 42 MP under a system of Proportional Representation.

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General Election

The Tewkesbury Green Candidate, Cate Cody, would like to extend heartfelt thanks to local party members, the voters, and all those who supported her throughout the election campaign.

Here are the general election results for the three constituencies neighbouring our own.


North Cotswolds

Forest of Dean

Massive thanks to all who helped our Green Party candidates. We retained our deposits in Tewkesbury and the Forest of Dean.  

Tewkesbury Party Members also travelled to Bristol Central to support Carla Denyer and Dr Ellie Chowns in North Herefordshire, both of whom were elected for their constituencies.

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